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The Atola Insight is a remarkable device which enables us to quickly diagnose and image hard drives in even the toughest situations. With over 2 years of daily use and never a problem, our Atola Insight has proven itself to be bullet proof. And with unsurpassed flexibility and a very intuitive graphical interface, the Atola Insight has quickly became one of our favorite pieces of equipment. We wouldn't live without it.
David Foster
General Manager
Do You remember MHDD? A very old HDD tool from Mr.Dmitry Postrigan? That was the "old days". Now, 10 years later, we have one of the best data recovery systems from the same author: ATOLA Insight. InfoLAB is in data recovery business since 1993, and we use a lot of equipment for data recovery from different vendors. The first ATOLA we bought, was in preorder...and we made a good decision. Compare to the rest of the market, ATOLA systems are one of the top solutions, and we use it every day. Easy to use, very fast, great performance and helpful support. A very professional tool always updated with a new features, with a bright future.
Imran Nino Eškić M.Sc.EE.
InfoLAB Data Recovery
The Atola device does a good job on diagnosing and recovery of data from most damaged drives. The device is very intelligent and does not require a lot of end user knowledge to operate. The Diagnostic Reporting & Case management is the best among the tools I use.
Douglas Bray
Since I purchased the Atola Imager last year, I have been able to recover data from hard drives that were unrecoverable with my other imager. The Atola imager is the backbone of my data recovery busisness. It is my go to tool whenever a hard drive comes into my service. I also like the feature of being able to start and stop the image process when needed. I am very pleased with the imager and its easy to use software.
Atola Insight its a must-have tool for data recovery companies. We use it a lot for diagnostics and for imaging drives with bad sectors in our lab in México City.
MCC Melvin Brener
In the complicated world of data recovery, we highly recommend Atola Insight with its easy to understand yet comprehensive utilities. Atola Bandura is a unique and powerful imaging tool with its impressive touchscreen panel serving both data recovery and computer forensics experts.
Cem Gunal
Managing Director
Forensas Adli Bilisim Teknolojileri
We have been using our Atola Insight for just over a year now and its used on a daily basis.  As a matter of course we test just about every computer we have in for repairs hard drive on it and more times that you'd imagine, it turns out to be faulty. Very good imager for faulty hard drives and for file recovery on drives with logical issues or a few bad sectors. Wouldn't want to work without it now.
Kenneth Peddie
TechRescue Ltd.
The Atola is completely unique; the interface is highly intuitive and the results are astounding. Atola is evolving the way we perform data recovery; from the software functionality to the support. It is nothing short of amazing.
Russell Winters
Data Recovery Engineer
The Atola Imager is one of those few products that actually exceeded expectations and delivered what it promised. Support from Atola has been second to none, regular updates have continued to improve on this product. Atola Imager is without question one of the best investments this business has made.
Our unit has been using the Atola since 2009. Our reasons to choose those device basically the ease of use and the advancement of it. As a digital forensic examiner, we have to face with evidence like HDD that has been locked by ATA password or hardware problem such as bad cluster or 'weak' head. Before we're using our hardware duplicator to image the evidence, we always use the Atola to diagnose the HDD in order to obtain thorough and robust analysis. Sometimes, when we could not duplicated the HDD for the hardware failure reason, and then the only hope is imaging the HDD and restores all the files on it using our Atola. It perfectly works. For the important case is just save our day and face!
Andri P Heriyanto
Former Head of Digital Forensic Task Force
Directorate General of Taxes
A professional tool for diagnosing faults with hard drives and imaging hard drives with bad sectors. Well worth the investment!"
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