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Firmware Recovery

A sophisticated, user-friendly firmware recovery system

Firmware Recovery

Firmware corruption is rare for modern hard drives, but when it occurs, there is no way to extract data until the firmware has been successfully repaired. This is one of the most difficult tasks that a technician can be challenged with. Recovering firmware requires a lot of experience and expertise in the field, as well as extensive training on how to use the difficult, expensive firmware recovery products on the market.

Even with the proper knowledge and tools, firmware work is still time consuming. The Atola Insight's revolutionary Automatic Firmware Repair function repairs corrupted firmware in less than 5 minutes with 2 mouse clicks. This is the industry's first and only user-friendly firmware recovery product.

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Automatic firmware recovery

Revolutionary automatic recovery function

The Atola Insight's automatic firmware recovery system performs complex tasks in a simple, user-friendly format. It applies intuitive technology to rebuild corrupted firmware files and restore hard drive functionality. Just click the Automatic Recovery tab to see if the connected hard drive model is supported for this function. If it is supported, the function can be started with one more click of the mouse and is usually finished in less than 5 minutes.

Create your own backups and archives

Firmware backup settings

Using the Atola Insight, the operator can quickly and easily backup firmware files, including ROM/EEPROM/NVRAM images, from any connected hard drive. These files can be recalled for use later during the same case or in the future for cases involving the same hard drive models.

Direct access to firmware files for manual recovery

The Atola Insight gives the user direct access to all firmware files and modules including those stored in ROM/EEPROM/NVRAM chips. Firmware files can be quickly and easily edited, verified, replaced, or erased using the Insight's smooth and user-friendly interface.

Firmware backup ROM access
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How many hard drive models does the Atola Insight support for firmware recovery?
    The Atola Insight provides firmware recovery capability in two ways: by automatically repairing firmware and providing direct access to firmware files for manual repair. Different sets of hard drive models are supported for each of these approaches due to differences in firmware design by the hard drive manufacturers. For a complete and up to date list of supported hard drive models for firmware recovery, see the supported drives page.
  2. How commonly do modern hard dives experience firmware corruption?
    Less than 20% of data recovery cases with modern hard drives involve firmware corruption. Occasionally, a manufacturer will release a hard drive with flawed firmware and data recovery labs will see a spike in firmware recovery jobs for a period of time.
  3. What is the difference between firmware files stored in on the HDD platter and ROM/EEPROM/NVRAM?
    This depends on the HDD manufacturer and hard drive model. Each hard drive has its own specifications for where firmware data is stored.
  4. How does the Automatic Firmware Recovery function work?
    The Automatic Firmware Recovery function starts by identifying the HDD and then applies a special approach based on the model. It will then identify the damaged firmware files (modules) and rebuild (re-generate) them.